Safety Global Logistics ( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd Provide all kind services.

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Safety Global Logistics (SGL) provides an excellent worldwide network service for all of your air freight needs, with time-defined and guaranteed services supported by preferred carriers. We offer competitive rates for all time and cost requirements. A core element of our air freight service offering is the ability to move single or complex shipments, at any time and to any destination along with our flexible approach and a personalized service to all customers.

  • Shipping agency, NVOCC
  • Buyers consolidation
  • Sea Freight International Forwarding
  • Special garment of hanger ( GOH )
  • Air Freight International Forwarding
  • Home-made GOH ( Air freight )
  • Courier/Express Service
  • International Consolidation & Disconsolation
  • Trucking Service ( Normal Truck and Reefer Truck)
  • Door to Door Service
  • Inland-Freight, cross border freight, Land-air freight across Vietnam / Thailand / Cambodia
  • Project Handling service
  • Logistics Service
  • Warehousing services (Loading, Unloading, Put away, Storing, Picking, Cross Docking, Quality Control & Inspection, Safety Management)
  • Regional & International Distribution Centre for Operations
  • Exhibition cargo handling
  • Removal HHG & PE
  • Customs Brokerage own license