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Safety Global Logistics ( Cambodia ) Co.,Ltd, is the best total transportation and logistics solution. We specialize in the full spectrum of international freight forwarding and transportation service by Land, Sea, Air.

Company Profile

Since 2015, we have been offering our services to the non-commercial, commercial and industrial sectors in Cambodia. We are a garment handling specialist offering many services ideally suited to the garment industry and other businesses in Cambodia and internationally. Our pro-active approach and specialized focus in the local market has made us one of the industry leaders in terms of performance and customer satisfaction. Our range of services, desire to please, and willingness to custom tailor our services to suit your needs will ensure that you attain your goals with greatest success. We will oversee all facets of the transportation of your goods and cargo with honesty and reliability.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be best in logistics and international freight forwarding industries.

Our mission is to enable trade and create long-term value by delivery:

Competitive advantage for our customers:

- Innovate to be customer’s preferred choice and deliver service excellence and strive to improve speed, cost and quality.

- Achieve superior results by each of us accepts responsibility for meeting our commitments.  


1. Safety first and always. We have an obligation to our associates and the public to operate safely.Nothingwe do is worth hurting ourselves or others

2. Integrity in every action. We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. Truth and honesty defines how we operate.

3. Respect for all. We seek and value diversity of perspective, experience, and background as the foundation of our enterprise. We treat all stakeholders.

4. Excellence in all we do. We strive to provide the highest quality services to our partners. We have a relentless passion for innovation and improvement.